The map shows levels of natural environmental radioactivity measured by automated monitoring networks in most European countries. Measurements are performed on an ongoing basis and, in the event of an accident, they can help present to the general public the radioactive contamination of the environment, with the purpose of evaluating the anticipated radiation exposure.
Gamma Dose rates may differ from monitor to monitor due to:
  • Cosmic radiation (increases with altitude);
  • Terrestrial radiation (types of radionuclides in the soil and building materials near the monitor);
  • Precipitation (increases in the deposition of radon and thoron decay products deposited around the monitor).
No! Most of the measurements presented here are NON-VALIDATED DATA, which means that meteorological conditions such as heavy rain or snow, or defects in the instruments, electronics or software can result in erroneous values. The notification of a radiological incident or emergency is accomplished through early notification networks such as ECURIE or EMERCON, operated by the EC and the IAEA respectively. No action should be taken based on this data without prior consultation with the data provider.
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