The map shows measurements of environmental radioactivity in the form of gamma dose rate averages and maxima for the last 24 hours. These measurements originate from some 5500 monitoring sites operated by competent national authorities (hereafter called Data Provider) in 39 countries which report latest radiological values to the EUropean Radiological Data Exchange Platform (EURDEP).

EURDEP has no alerting function. The notification of a radiological accident or emergency is accomplished through early notification networks such as ECURIE or EMERCON, operated by the EC and the IAEA respectively. No action may be taken based on this data without prior consultation with the Data Providers.

Most of the measurements presented are NON-VALIDATED DATA, which means that meteorological conditions such as heavy rain or snow, calibration tests, or defects in the instruments, electronics or software can result in erroneous values. As a consequence isolated alarming objects on the map even several nearby stations which show abnormal values CANNOT automatically be taken as an indication of increased levels of radioactivity.