The European Atlas of Natural Radiation (hereafter called Atlas) is a collection of maps displaying the level of radioactivity caused by different, natural sources in Europe. This Atlas is intended to familiarise the public with the radioactive environment, to give a more balanced view of the annual dose that it may receive from natural radioactivity and to provide reference material and generate harmonised data for the scientific community.

Statement Of Understanding

The data have been provided by National Competent Authorities and National Laboratories in European countries, as well as literature references. No action may be taken based on these data without prior consultation with the data provider.

The Atlas aims to display the geographical distribution of certain physical quantities related to different sources of natural radiation in Europe. The maps show estimates, or statistical parameters, derived from data aggregated over spatial units. They do not display the original, raw data.

As a consequence, high estimates of a certain quantity within a spatial unit CANNOT automatically be taken as an increased level of radioactivity.